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You’re probably feeling overwhelmed with all of these different vinyl terms. Cast, calendered, clear adhesive, grey adhesive, air release….what does it all mean?? ……

Calendered Vinyl

Less expensive vinyl. When calendered vinyl is made, it is pressed and rolled out almost like cookie dough. Because of how the vinyl is made, over time it will want to shrink back to its original state before it was rolled out. This is why calendered vinyl shrinks!

UltraCalendered Vinyl

More expensive than Calendered, but less expensive than cast vinyl. Regular calendered vinyl is a ‘monomeric’ vinyl – UltraCalendered vinyl is a ‘polymeric’ vinyl. It has a more complex molecular structure than regular calendered vinyl which gives it a longer lifespan and less shrinkage.

Cast Vinyl

Most expensive vinyl. When cast vinyl is made, it is poured out from a liquid and heated to be cured. This manufacturing process allows the vinyl to have the longest lifespan with minimal shrinkage. It is also the thinnest vinyl.

Types Of Adhesive

Grey Adhesive

This adhesive is useful if the vinyl is being applied to existing graphics, a bright color, or anything you wouldn’t want to show through to your graphic. The grey adhesive works as a block out.

Clear Adhesive

A clear adhesive is effective when applying cut lettering or graphics to a window so that when you view the graphic from inside, you see white (or whatever color the vinyl is).